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/merch/ OP (circa 09/17/23)
/merch/ OP (circ. 09/17/23)

Found here.

ITT[edit | edit source]

Post and talks about pony merchandise, official or not.
Discuss plushies, figures, clothes, books, pins and more! And new ways to add ponies to our life!

>is selling your products here allowed?

Of course! Absolutely allowed.
>can I talk or post here about my crafting even if what I do isn't for sale?

Yes! We accept merch in all its forms.
>where can I find the old threads?

They are all in the Links Index Pastebin, after the links section.
>where can I find the video/collage of the anniversaries?

They are at the bottom of the Link Index Pastebin, after the archived threads section.

=== Links Index Pastebin ===


(no URL shorter version)
Here is a pastebin that contains all the links posted and discussed here.
Mainly pony shops, but also rare/little known products, figuremaker contacts, among other things!

=== Main Links ===

+ List of Active Plushmakers: derpy.me/bkwlA
+ OP Plush Pattern (with instructions!): mares.horse/p/plush.html
+ /mlp/ Patches/Stickers/Desk Flags: neighsayerpatches.com
+ 4cc Jerseys, Pins: etsy.com/shop/zemming
+ Wallets: https://shop.mares.horse/
+ HorsePussy Books: amazon.com/gp/product/1660812933/ & amazon.com/gp/product/B086PLNPYF/

Feel free to suggest links about pony stuff to be added here and in the pastebin!