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/create/ OP (circ. 10/13/23)
/create/ OP (circ. 10/13/23)

Found here.

Was previously known as T:EM/P/O, Thread: Equestrian/Musicians/Poets/Other, or /tempo/. After several content droughts, discussions were had with renaming /tempo/. You know how it ends.

ITT[edit | edit source]

(formerly known as /tempo/, or T:EM/P/O)
A conglomerate of content creators since we couldn't keep our own threads up alone. If you're working on something, be it musicfagging, writefagging, drawfagging, poetfagging, craftfagging, or game-devfagging come by and post for some feedback or give some of your own. If you want to start content creating why not start today?

this thread is intended for ALL SKILL LEVELS, from complete beginner to seasoned expert. Don't get intimidated, we're all just hobbyists here to have fun and help each other make more pony stuff

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Tempo Music Archive:

Drawing Room: